Scrum: Einsatz von Jira & Confluence

Immer wieder kommt die Frage auf, welche Tools eingesetzt werden können, um die Backlogs und Sprints besser handhaben und planen zu können.

Ich habe jetzt einige Erfahrung mit dem Einsatz von Jira und Confluence und auch entsprechend auf eine Frage in der scrumdevelopment-Mailingliste geantwortet:

Hi Ivo,

I think using Jira & Confluence (or any other good tracker+wiki) will
allow you to maintain your Scrum product backlog and help you to plan
and track sprints. I do this as PO with my team for quite some time
now. However we feel like it is best for planning 2 to eliminate all
disturbing technology to help the team to focus on the stuff they have
committed to.

Our approach work basically like this:

The stories and bugs are collected in Jira and flagged for the
backlog. Everybody interested in the backlog can check what’s in and
what’s not. The backlog is maintained on a regular basis (estimations,
business value, questions/details added).

In the planning 1 session we figure out what will fit into the next
sprint, the issues are marked correspondingly. We agree on a sprint
goal. A page describing the current sprint is created in Confluence,
containing the selected stories as links to Jira issues and some
additional information (available days, predicted story points,
external events, sprint goals). Everybody interested is able to
understand what the team is working on in the current sprint.

The panning 2 is made without Jira (or any other electronic tools)
using a good old white board (actually it became a whole wall in the
team room) full of sticky notes. The stories chosen in planning 1 are
analyzed in detail, the details end up as sticky notes (tasks) on the
white board. Everybody interested in the details can either ask the
PO/SM or visit the team room.

The results (issue/story resolved or questions that must be
documented) will end up in Jira again. This will give an overview if
the selected stories could be finished. The sprint page in Confluence
is updated with details for the review meeting.

To handle all the “marking” or “selecting” you will end up working a
lot with Jira filters. That’s fine as the results from these filters
can be integrated into Confluence.

Felix – Scrum und so …