AgileEE 2011 Lightening Talk – Definition of Ready available

Last week we have been at the AgileEE 2011 conference in Kiev. There we met a lot of interesting people and had a great time learning new concepts, having a lot of interesting discussions.



On Saturday I gave a short lightening talk about “Definition of READY”. I didn’t like my performance on the stage but I got some positive feedback from Oleksiy Rezchykov in his blog post where he recommends my lightening  talk.

Another article with positive feedback for my Lightening Talk can be found at ConfRadar:

Felix Russel did a good job reminding about the “definition of ready” and the time each product owner should spend on preparing stories before the team can actually swarm around them. It was one of the lighting talks during the second day, that I attended.


The slides are available via Slideshare: